Feeling Stressed Out and Overwhelmed?

Are you trying to find some semblance of work-life balance* and juggling multiple responsibilities all day every day? Take our quiz to discover if an overtaxed “bandwidth” is contributing to your stress!

“Bandwidth” refers to our unique cognitive, physical, psychological, and emotional capacity to function in various roles in our lives. When demands exceed our personal bandwidth, we are likely to feel overwhelmed, out of control, and stressed.

*By the way, we believe work-life balance is a myth, a fictional creature that doesn’t exist in real life!

McDonald Graham, LLC is a leadership development and coaching partnership between clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie McDonald, and organizational psychologist, Dr. Lisa Graham. Together, our mission is to create space for people to do the difficult inner work that is necessary to become their best selves. Through the application of solid psychological principles, we focus on enhancing skill sets that are often neglected in leadership development.

Whether it’s through 1:1 coaching or our leadership workshops for groups — Transforming Success® and Dare to Lead™ — we help professionals flourish at work and in life.

The McDonald Graham coaching team is an invaluable resource. Julie and Lisa are both outstanding coaches and leadership development facilitators. They encourage and challenge us to grow into better leaders than we currently are.

-Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH, AGSF, Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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1:1 coaching with the purpose of helping a leader become more effective, productive, and fulfilled. We offer both executive coaching and spot coaching options to provide the support needed to realize your full potential.

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Our flagship coaching program for
groups that equips participants with
wisdom, self-awareness, and
self-management tools to address
recurring challenges that professionals frequently face.

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Dr. Brené Brown’s highly respected leadership development program that
teaches foundational courage-building skills in a group setting. 
These skills enable leaders to do the hard things that they have to do but often avoid.


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