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To be a great leader, you need to understand yourself and make decisions that are aligned with your core beliefs and values. Authenticity is the essential foundation of good leadership. What makes you human – empathy, connection, drive to accomplish something meaningful, courage to innovate, and capacity to learn from mistakes – is also what makes you successful.

McDonald Graham, LLC is a leadership development and coaching partnership between clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie McDonald, and organizational psychologist, Dr. Lisa Graham. Together, our mission is to facilitate the difficult inner work that enables people to become their best selves. By employing research-based approaches from the field of psychology to the workplace, we put psychology to work enhancing skill sets that are often neglected in leadership development.

At McDonald Graham we believe that:

  • Humans at their best make better leaders.
  • Leaders at their best make better organizations.
  • Organizations at their best make a better world.

Whether it’s through 1:1 coaching or our leadership workshops for groups — Transforming Success® and Dare to Lead™ — we facilitate the difficult inner work that builds better leaders.

Every session Julie and Lisa have led for us has received rave reviews. You owe it to yourself and your teams to bring McDonald Graham to your organization. 

-Andrea McCaskey, Director of Programs, Momentum

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1:1 coaching with the purpose of helping a leader become more effective, productive, and fulfilled. We offer both executive coaching and spot coaching options to provide the support needed to realize your full potential.
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Our flagship coaching program for groups that equips participants with wisdom, self-awareness, and self-management tools to address recurring challenges that professionals frequently face.

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Dr. Brené Brown’s highly respected leadership development program that teaches foundational courage-building skills in a group setting. These skills enable leaders to do the hard things that they have to do but often avoid.
Lisa and Julie will always have voting seats
on my personal advisory Board!

-Director of Public Market Investments, Fortune 500 Company

  • Professionals who want to perform at a higher level or increase their chances of getting promoted
  • Leaders who are in a new role or are facing a challenging obstacle
  • Teams that want to communicate, collaborate, and innovate more effectively
  • Organizations that want to position emerging talent and leaders for future success
  • Organizations seeking to support diverse talent at the leadership level 


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