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Addressing Recurring Challenges 


Transforming Success® is our flagship curriculum-based coaching program for groups. Targeting current and emerging corporate leaders, Transforming Success® equips participants with wisdom and tools to address recurring challenges professionals frequently face.

We have been working with professionals in our practices for many years, and Transforming Success® is our effort to extend our work beyond one-on-one interactions into a group setting where we can tackle challenges together. Transforming Success® applies the essential “primer” every leader needs to prepare them for future development.

We offer two training formats for the Transforming Success® program: In-Person Workshops and Virtual Online Workshops. To learn more about our Transforming Success® Virtual Workshops, click here.

After the first two cohorts of the program gave it rave reviews, we decided to make Transforming Success® part of our development and retention efforts.  This is one of our most successful programs.

-Mona Fouad, MD, MPH, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Director of Preventive Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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The Transforming Success® program addresses a unique aspect of leadership development that is often missing from leadership curricula. The program equips participants with the self-awareness and self-management tools that provide the foundation of good leadership. It includes:

  • Interactive group coaching sessions facilitated by Drs. Graham and McDonald.
  • Real-time practice integrating research-based tools designed to overcome common challenges for emerging leaders.
  • An introduction to a mindset and framework for increasing cognitive capacity and enabling participants to reach their full potential.
  •  The opportunity to identify barriers to personal growth, troubleshoot and develop strategies to overcome professional challenges, and leverage personal strengths to transform their paths to professional success.



myth of work life balance

Myth of Work-Life Balance

Yes, it’s a myth! We guide participants through the process of rejecting the unattainable standard of work-life balance and introduce them to a model that better reflects the reality of their lives.

invisible barriers

Invisible Barriers

Many of us keep trying to address the same issues over and over again without success. We help participants identify and alter the invisible psychological barriers that prevent them from making the changes to which they are sincerely committed.

change what you can

Change What You Can

Once the invisible barriers to change are identified, participants are encouraged to focus on changing what they can — their own perspectives and responses. And participants learn to design and deploy a quasi-experimental approach to testing these perspectives and responses.

honor your personal bandwidth

Honor Your Personal Bandwidth

We all want to be able to do as much as – or more than – those around us are doing. (Or at least what we think they are doing.) We lead participants through the process of identifying their personal resources (and their limits) and support them as they commit to living within their personal bandwidths.

flourish through strengths

Flourish Through Strengths

We focus so much on trying to fix or hide our weak spots that we forget the importance of nurturing (and enjoying) our natural strengths. Participants are encouraged to discover ways to purposefully recognize and incorporate their character strengths into their lives to increase motivation, satisfaction, and energy.

enhance personal power

Enhance Personal Power

We often try to emulate others’ definitions of excellent leadership rather than realizing that being an authentic human is the essential foundation of effective leadership. Participants learn how to make and act upon decisions that are aligned with who truly are.


We offer two training formats for the Transforming Success® program: In-person Workshops and Virtual Online Workshops.

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The In-Person program is typically delivered via six 2.5 hour sessions in which participants dive deeply into each of the six modules. Select modules may be separated and delivered via short, customized workshops or presentations. For a copy of our flyer about this program, click here.

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The Transforming Success® Virtual program is delivered via pre-recorded videos and seven 2.0-hour live sessions. Participants have pre-work prior to each session, and online discussion occurs between sessions. Because it is a virtual program, the Transforming Success® curriculum is accessible to groups in any geographic area and may be delivered to teams who are not located in the same place. Click here to learn more about our Transforming Success® Virtual program. For a copy of our flyer about this program, click here.

To learn more about Transforming Success® workshops and presentations, connect with us.

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I have had the privilege to attend many leadership training courses and Transforming Success® is by far the best. I am happier at both home and work as I use my unique blend of assets to reach my goals.

-Melanie Morris MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Chief of General Surgery, Birmingham VA Hospital



Since 2016, Transforming Success® workshops have been successfully conducted in a variety of industries, not-for-profit organizations of varying sizes, and a host of civic-minded groups. What they all have in common is that the participants gained a new and empowering sense of how to flourish both at work and in life.

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Who is best suited to participate in this program?

Transforming Success® is for current and emerging leaders. It is the essential “primer” every leader needs to prepare them for future development.

Why is the program taught in groups?

The group coaching format is an important element of the curriculum. The format builds rapport among participants and ensures accountability and continuity between sessions; it also fosters the development of a new support network that we hope will continue to benefit participants long after the program has ended. Online communication between sessions extends the opportunity for relationship-building and provides participants with support for real-time practice integrating the tools.

What will participants get out of the program?

By the end of the program, participants understand their strengths and limitations as humans. With this knowledge about themselves — and others — they have a strong foundation on which to build additional leadership capabilities. Graduates are poised to reap the full benefits of later development opportunities.

How is the In-Person Workshop different from the Virtual Workshop?

The In-Person Workshop is held at a corporate site and helps to build a strong connection and community amongst the participants. The Virtual Workshop, however, is conducted completely online via a combination of online course work and live sessions. It is beneficial in that it doesn’t require all participants to be in the same location.

Are follow-up sessions available?

Organizations may elect to offer follow-up sessions 3, 6 and/or 12 months following the end of the formal Transforming Success® program to reinforce learning and to continue to foster supportive relationships among group members.

Do you offer the modules as individual workshops?

Select modules may be separated and delivered via short, customized workshops or presentations. Contact us to discuss a customized workshop or presentation for your organization.

You offer two group coaching programs. How do I know which one is right for me/ my team?

Transforming Success® and Dare to Lead™ are complementary programs, and we recommend individuals participate in both. While each program is distinct, some overlap exists in the topics addressed. Participating in both programs equips participants with self-awareness and self-management tools that enable them to be more effective leaders of themselves and of their teams — at both work and life. Either program is an appropriate entry point to this work. If you are trying to choose between Transforming Success® and Dare to Lead™, we are happy to help you think through your needs and to recommend a starting point.

The program helped me to identify the roadblocks that I was creating for myself and provided me with tools and strategies to acknowledge those roadblocks and ultimately overcome them.

-Kristie Barton, Service & Compliance General Manager, Alabama Power

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