We all have values and principles that are guiding forces in our lives…but our daily and weekly activities don’t always reflect those values. Spending quality time with family is a core value for both of us. And we especially enjoy when our families can be together, like in this photo from Christmas 2019*. Like many of you, we sometimes allow work to infringe on family time, resulting in a gap between what we are doing and what we truly want. When this happens, feelings of dissatisfaction inevitably bubble up.

In the first module of our Transforming Success® course, we introduce participants to a model we developed called the Life Elements Blend®. Completing the Blend process enables you to to target the changes you need to make to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be — with the goal of ultimately creating a fulfilling, sustainable life that is aligned with your values.

If it is time for your actions to reflect your values, join our Winter 2021 Transforming Success® Virtual cohort. The early bird rate ends this week on October 31st and fewer than 1/3 of the spaces remain.

*Underage drinkers in the picture above are enjoying sparkling grape juice. 🙂

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