This past summer, we pushed ourselves to the extreme in order to create and launch a virtual version of our Transforming Success® program. We logged multiple 14-hour days and hit some major snags before pulling everything together in the final hours. We took this unflattering picture below (on the left — just in case you can’t tell which one is unflattering) late at night as we prepared to shoot videos for the course the next day. We were dead inside.

Our focus this month in this newsletter and in our Facebook Group is resilience. Rest and recovery are essential elements of resilience; it’s important to recognize when you have to “grind it out” and when you need to take a break, step away, and enjoy the life you have been working so hard to create. We took the second photo below on a Thanksgiving trip to the beach last year. We look refreshed and relaxed because we engaged in self-care and gave our bodies and minds the opportunity to recharge.

Lisa and Julie Recover

We hope that you and yours have a lovely (socially distanced and Covid-free) holiday.  May the time off provide everything you need to feel refreshed and resilient.

In gratitude for your interest and support,

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