I had the pleasure of presenting along with Doug Eckert, EVP and General Counsel of Hoar Construction, on April 19 and 20 at the company’s employee Summit.  I have been part of many leadership development events, and I have to compliment Hoar on one of the most impressive operations I’ve seen!

Doug and I talked with audience members about how to handle the inevitable difficult conversations that emerge as Hoar professionals coordinate work among many different entities.  Doug provided practical tools and real-world knowledge, and I explained how to apply the conflict management approach developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project.  I highly recommend their book: Difficult Conversations, by Douglas Stone and Bruce Patton.  Their approach is applicable to work and personal situations, and I’ve used it myself when managing conflict and also as a facilitator of conflict management processes.

Many thanks to Hoar Construction, Doug Eckert, and Charlie Baxley (who is Hoar’s Associate General Counsel and one of the Summit’s creators) for inviting me to participate and for sharing your bright, engaged employees with me.

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