We echo Simon Sinek’s wisdom.  Lasting change takes place over time and rarely follows a “straight line.”  This month we challenge you (and our Facebook Group) to commit to designing and carrying out small experiments related to a desired change.  

  • Want to lead more effective virtual meetings?  Perhaps you should experiment by asking for feedback from your team and implementing one of their ideas in this week’s staff meeting.
  • Want to become a better listener?  One experiment to consider: commit to asking three questions before sharing your opinion during your next phone call.
  • Want to start exercising again?  Maybe you should experiment to see if a 30-minute walk in the morning is a practice you can maintain.

Designing and executing experiments to address changes you can control is a recurring theme in our Transforming Success® program. A new virtual version of our Transforming Success® program launches in early 2021, click here to learn more about Transforming Success® Virtual and register to be part of our first cohort.

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