Do you remember when you were a child and you needed a permission slip signed by your parent to participate in an activity?  We are all adults but often feel like we need someone else’s permission to do what we need to do for ourselves. We want to close this month and our discussion on setting boundaries with a permission slip for you to give yourself (P.S., you already have our permission to set healthy boundaries).  

Print out this slip and write the boundary you are going to give yourself permission to set.  Then sign it and put it somewhere you will see it often. Then check in with us in our Facebook group where we will be sharing with one another our new boundaries.  If you are not a member of our Facebook group, click here to join.

To learn more about setting healthy boundaries, check out our Transforming Success® program and our new virtual model. The first open-enrollment session of Transforming Success® Virtual launches in early 2021. To learn more about Transforming Success® Virtual, click here.

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